Campus Ministry

Dr. Jose P. Rizal the Philippine National hero Said “The Youth is the hope of our Nation”. Well I say the youth with God has more hope than the nation. The decline in morality in every nation cannot be put to a halt. The only move for us Christians to do is o decrease its pace. Besides our mission is not to mold the nation in to a better place, but to preach the gospel to every creature (Mark 16:15). The campus ministry is one of the tools we can use. Putting out a reminder to the youth to search for their Creator (Eccl.12:1).While the evil days have not come yet at their doors.

In this ministry we are addressing all the contemporary topics of today’s society, to list a few would be teen pregnancies, homosexuality, fornication, abortion, evolution, respect and honour of authority, and many others. In doing this we use the absolute authority; The King James Bible. All of those said controversial topics is just our springboard to get to the gospel; so they could hear the most important message of all. We praise God with this opportunity, which you cannot have in most countries now in the world. I believe open doors should be used while you still can. And this is one of those open door situation where you could just enjoy.

Here you will see young people, love you, with the same measure of love you have given them. Life touched by the gospel, giving them new directions instead of the one they are currently treading. I personally love this ministry, due to the fact that this kind of ministry opened up my mind into spiritual things. Making a way to for me to realize my need of a Saviour.  So for a personal testimony I know that campus ministry works.


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