Be Ye Seperate (Study of Saltwater)

Amazing study…

Amazing Things Can Happen


Brackish water: salt water mixed with fresh water.  It can be found where rivers meet the ocean or estuaries.  In many places where this occurs, the tide pushes saltwater back up the freshwater river a long way, miles even. The saltwater is denser and therefore it’s on the bottom while the freshwater is at the surface.  The surface can give the appearance of being very calm and serene, while underneath, the saltwater current going the opposite direction causes the water to violently roil.
I’ve pondered on this saltwater and freshwater illustration for several weeks and wasn’t really able to understand what there was to learn from it, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  I believe God made everything in nature a certain way so that we may learn from it and most everything will teach us several lessons if we pay attention.  The Bible says that no fountain…

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