Logo for Got the Word is Up!

IMG_3953 (1)

This logo was made by a friend of mine Mary Bethany, she is the daughter of my Pastor and Mentor Dr. Gerald Sutek. I asked her to make this logo for me and she gladly said “yes”. I hardly hear that from women. She is a very good artist in many ways possible.

The logo was designed to be simple yet meaningful. The big bold statement “Got the Word?” implies do you have the Word of God in your hands, do you know it, do you study it, and do you have it as a part of your life. I have thought of this phrase to simply whisper into the hearts of the reader their necessity of God’s word.

The Bible with flying pages portrays the publishing of God’ word. The Internet the medium of communication I use to publish the word of God is one helpful tool. Preaching through out the world without even taking a step outside my house. This does not mean I do not go out and preach publickly but  I am simply extending my pulpit to the cyber world.

I dearly appreciate the creator of the logo, And my prayers is that this may attract more readers and become well visited site because of it. My goal in the near future if God would allow is to have more interesting articles written and published in this site. Articles that would make a reader think and think again until they grasp the truth of the word of God.


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