Christ and Lucifer, Brothers?

By Joshua T. D.R.
The L.D.S or The Church of the Latter Day Saints will not tell you this upfront but if you bother them enough they will hesitantly tell you that Christ and Lucifer are brothers. They are the eldest sons of God (Elohim). In their doctrine, the two presented their own plan of salvation. The Father preferred only Christ’s plan of salvation, so Lucifer rebelled with the third of the angels in heaven.
Sounds absurd, right? This is only one of many weird beliefs the Moron church has, and is a basis to call it a cult. A cult is someone to teach something that contradicts the teaching of pure scripture. The Moron church has a long history of weird belief all of them came from extra-biblical books that they use, namely the book of Mormon and the Pearl of Great price.
We as Bible Believing Christians should equip ourselves with the knowledge to combat such beliefs. We should be equip with a sharp Sword of the Spirit and strong shield of Faith to keep us from turning to strange doctrines and fables.
Christ has NO, brother. He is the ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF GOD (John 1:18, 3:16). The term sons of God in the Old Testament refers to a created being that directly came from God, such as angels (Job 1:6, 2:1, 38:7, which includes Lucifer or Satan) and Adam (Luke 3:38).
In order to believe that Christ and Lucifer are brother you must first ignore the fact that Christ created, everything, through Him, and by Him (Col. 1:15-17). Christ is God and was the hand that moulded creation he is without a “spirit brother”. Although we as Christians are called “sons of God” that is altogether different because we obtain our part in God’s family by adoption (Rom. 8:15. Eph. 1:5).
In conclusion, Christ and Lucifer are NOT brothers. There is no evidence of this in scripture, but can only be taught if you use extra-biblical manuscripts. Fallacy is evident in this teaching and is therefore heresy. You now hold the truth in your hands do not let it slip out, hold it firm.


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