Why, Grace?

Why, Grace? Is the question I always ask God. Why give me such care, such love, such, compassion when I gave Him none back? Why me? A wretched, unworthy, dirty, rotten, sinner would He give His own life in order to save my own. I could not comprehend, why the God of creation would step down to fix this broken creature. Why, grace?

Grace the expression of God’s love so rich; I cannot write enough words to pen. Grace so marvellous I can’t mutter words to explain. The ocean so wide, the sky to high, the stars twinkle so bright, yet grace still incomparable to them all. Though I be a poet, I can’t find the words, to rhyme; and if I  be a composer the melody of grace is sweeter.

The answer to the inquiry is still a mystery; out of all the mysteries I have come across, none is so magnificent, none is so challenging, none is incomprehensible but grace. I did not write this to give an answer but to surface to the gratefulness in my heart. While I live and breath on this Earth; I steadfastly thank my Saviour who gave grace. Why, grace?



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