The Perplexed Soul

Many a soul there perplexed and lost. We as Christians should be a haste to run and give the wondering soul a rest. The rest is Christ, His love, His salvation calms the raging storm. Binds the heart to a secure foundation. The perplexed soul needs a hand, a hand stretched out to help.

Do not waver, bring the favour from God who shall not differ; so long the soul that wondered takes the hand of the Saviour. Please do be consumed by the fire of compassion for the one who is close to the fire. Break that heart of stone with the hammering image of their damnation.

Perplexed they maybe, souls they will still be. Souls sold under sin, under wrath they seem. Even so their price is so precious that the Son had to give His all to purchase. He redeemed them with His precious life, just as you and me. So be not a slacker to bring the news to ponder.

The perplexed soul not ready, unsaved, without hope, without a future as you were once. Once you where is their position. Lost and dying but gained all through the hand that reached to your perplexed soul. Love the souls as you would love yourself, and as God would have love them.


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