Cults, Introduction

I have come to an epiphany to create certain series of topics to tackle in “Got the Word?” and since in the last of my few articles I wrote about “Christ and Lucifer, Brother?” I would like to continue the trend and write about cults. What is it a cult, what do they believe and how to answer them when you need to do so.

What is a Cult?

A cult is a religion than is considered as unorthodox, spurious, or even dangerous in its belief. As a Bible Believing Christian, a Cult would be a sect that contradicts the teaching of scripture and most often their teaching results into a dangerous form of belief system. The cult itself is not dangerous but what it teaches, a man’s understanding and belief dictates what he or she does. This is what makes cults dangerous. Some cults believe in human sacrifices to venerate themselves, some worship animals as their gods, some teach polygamy is the norm, and some do believe they too can become gods. Absurd right?

What to do with cults?

The first tool to battle cults would be to put on that armour of faith. Cults tend to be very alluring and to grow at a much higher pace than Christianity. It is their enticing words, glaring activities, and promises are the key to their growth however; they do have a weak spot, their doctrine. As Bible believing Christians it is in this area that we excel in, we should use this to our advantage and fight the good fight. I am warning you though, doctrine may be the weak point of cults but that does not excuse us from studying the Bible. Many people in the cults especially cult leaders or strong followers are intelligent people. You should equip yourself with the right knowledge and wisdom to answer every man that asketh the hope that is in you.

What about the people who does not believe the Bible?

We do not have to do anything but preach. Our goal is to deliver the truth and the truth will deliver them. Many do people do not believe the Bible, they would only consider it as just another book. Even so, we just have to preach, or teach, and rebuke at the times we need to. God’s word does not return to Him void, or without any purpose. Those same words will either judge or excuse that person in the day of judgement.



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