Choose Wisely!


Elections are coming and we are about to choose our leaders in our government. The question remains who is fit for the position for president? What is the criteria for the perfect president? And does it matter?

The truth of the matter is that no one in this world is fit to be leader of any country; due to the fact that we are all corrupt beings because of Sin (Rom. 3:10 & 23). Psalms 116:11 … “All men are liars” Politicians have to lie and cheat in order to rise up to power and even kill if they need to. Now that does not mean no one in the history of this world has been a good leader which only supports the point. None of them are the PERFECT leader.

Man can never successfully govern man. No matter how good the platform of a candidate and how strong a leader he can be he would still fail at some point. The bible has a lot of example of good leaders such as Moses, David and Solomon. Yet none of them were the PERFECT leader. If we look at it one has anger management issues and the other an adulterer and murderer.

Now does that mean the government has no future? We will ever have a perfect leader and perfect government?

Yes, we can! But not at this time and certainly not with sinful human in the office. A perfect government is coming lead by the PERFECT LEADER Himself THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. After Christ ascended and went back to Heaven from his mission to seek and save that which was lost. He made a promise to come back to take His own and rule with a rod of Iron.

He is the PERFECT LEADER the one with no sin but ours to save us. Who was perfect yet took our infirmities and made them His own for us to be made perfect and clean. He who had breathed the world into existence and yet was humble enough to become a man to have fellowship with His creation. He is the only ONE who can and will truly be ever to rule and govern the world perfectly.

And with this theocracy we can enjoy the benefit of having eternal life, joy unspeakable and full pardon of our sins. The only admission you need to do is Repent of your sins and accept Him as your personal Saviour (Acts 20:21) which will save you from the judgement that was meant for you eternally in Hell. Don’t be such a fool, if you have to choose your leader choose Christ. Then whoever is in the presidency will not matter to you. Because you will be a resident not of this earthly and corrupt world but of Heaven. So, choose wisely!